Why American Clay


My love of American Clay came as I was flipping through a design magazine and ran across this picture of American Clay.  I was sold instantly.  I wanted my whole life to look like that picture!  OK well at least some rooms in my home.  I showed a friend and she said, “Well let’s go to Albuquerque and learn how to do it!”  Easy enough – right?  So off we went and I’ve never looked back. If your walls were bread, American Clay is the butter, maybe even the butter and the jam.  What I’m saying is American Clay is a MUST! 

American Clay is all natural with no VOC's, non-toxic, odor-absorbent, mold-resistant, non-fading, and easy to store and repair. American Clay Earth Plasters  offer superior color, richness, texture and depth not found with other finishes. On top of all of this they are made in the USA. :-)
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