About Me:

I am an interior designer by degree, artist by heart, and musician by years of practicing! I live in North Idaho and married to an amazing structural engineer. I dream away and he brings me back to reality with his analytical, engineer like thinking.

When I decided to start this blog (November 2010) I had never before entered into what I call "social technology". I steered clear of facebook, twitter, and blogs. This all came to a halt when I was questioned by a press person regarding a design challenge I won. She asked, "do you have a website?" I had to respond, "Well, ummmm no, I don't have anything!" How am I suppose to "seize the day" without embracing this world of technology? So here begins my Blog "Old World Walls". I plan to showcase my work as an artist, American Clay applicator, and designer so that the next time I get asked if I have a link to some of my work I can say well YES, in fact I do 

Contact me at Selina@Fusemail.com

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