Friday, February 3, 2017

Showcase Gallery of American Clay Before and After

Since I just finished one a large American Clay job, I thought it would be fun to do a post on some of my past clay projects.  A little Before and After Showcase. :-)


Tuscan Gold clay over concrete walls (this was an all green thermal mass home).

After (such a pretty glowing color)

One of my favorite clay projects was this guest room.  She wanted me to "age" the fireplace hood and then paint a true fresco of an antler.  It was HUGE (or else I just have a tiny head) :-) but it turned out great and was a lot of fun.  

Before (aging process)

After (complete with fresco using earth pigments)

This project was a client in California.  This is the exact same wall in both pictures.  I also helped with re-arranging and decorating the entire room.  Acacia American Clay


 And the AFTER!  

This series below is a photographers living room wall.  

This couple wanted to get rid of all their hanging photography canvases and just have a beautiful clay wall in their living room in which they could still shoot their photos.  



This home was GORGEOUS......every time I came to the job site I felt like I was in another world!  You can see her entire Tuscan American Clay home on this other post. She literally had me (and my team) do the ENTIRE home in clay.....yes, including the garage.  

This is in the same was at least 30' high up by that window......we had 2 scaffolding's and a tall ladder on top of that and guess who the lucky chosen applicator :-)

My little girl's room......she chose PINK American Clay....of course ;-)



And lastly, my own home......Nearly 200 hours worth of American Clay in this house :-)  I was exhausted!

My Guest Bathroom:

Till next post my friends!  As always, I hope to inspire some of you to give American Clay a try in your own'd love it.

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