Tuesday, March 17, 2015

American Clay in Tuscan Style Northwest Home

I feel so blessed that people recognized my hard work and I once again won an American Clay Competition.

Here is the article:

Project Contest American  Clay Winner!

The winner is….Selina Hoit of OldWorldWalls (Creative Juices Decor)

"The project contest has come to close and the winner is Selina Hoit, an American Clay applicator of OldWorldWalls.

We were very excited and thrilled to see such beautiful projects being done throughout the World posted on our Facebook page. American Clay would not only like to congratulate the winner of the project contest, but all of you who participated and showcased your stunning works of art."

The Winner: Selina Hoit, Old World Walls, Idaho

The powder room. This powder room was done by Selina Hoit of OldWorldWalls. Selina Hoit talks about the project below:

“This was a very fun project in Idaho. The homeowner had seen American Clay at a home show and immediately knew it was the product she wanted for her entire 4,000 square foot home on the lake.
We covered every square inch of her home, even the garage and mechanical room. She just couldn’t get enough of it! Almost the entire home was a custom mix of equal parts Acacia and Nantucket sand. Her powder room, the one showcased, was the only room done in a richer pigment, Amber Grain. She wanted a look closer to Venetian plaster so she chose the Porcelina clay, which we compressed to achieve a beautiful satin finish.

Before I completed this project, the texture and look of Loma was my favorite, but now that I have had a chance to do an entire home in Porcelina I think I am a convert. I can’t tell you how AMAZING her house feels with every inch covered in a buttery smooth yet full-of-depth texture. I feel fortunate to have found American Clay and every job I do is an exciting one.”

Here is a photo of the grand prize winning wall I did previously.  The winner was chosen by a board of professionals in the Albuquerque area.

You can see even more of Selina's American Clay projects by clicking over to her other blog.

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