Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Pictures of American Clay in My Home!

Over the past 5 years of being an American Clay applicator I have collected many left over clay colors from multiple jobs.  Being that am I a free spirited designer, I thought it would be fun for my powder room to be a collection of all the left over colors!  (I wonder if tile installers ever do this with all their left over tile remnants!  I know I'd probably have an entire mosaic wall, good thing I'm not a tile installer!)

I started with the base in Guadalupe Dunes in Enjarre

Next was a skip troweled Quartzine (white) in Enjarre

Then on top of that, Amber Grain Porcelina

And last but not least, Savannah Moss in Porcelina!

Obviously, these were all troweled with areas open to the color underneath.

Since I knew I needed to compress the walls, I ended up using a damp sponge to reach all the layers. (a light misting and a trowel was not going to reach the other colors!)  Unfortunately, by using a sponge, some of the bright colors became muted by the Savannah Moss being swiped over them.

The result???  It looks like an old crumbled concrete wall from Italy.  Since I just used leftovers, I may chosen different colors if I started from scratch but I am happy to have my powder room be something different from the rest of the neutral colored house. 

It's almost a room you need to see in person.  Here it is completed.

And one more up close - Enjoy!

 (sorry, the watermark is from my other blog.....)

A collection of old plates adorn the wall.

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