Saturday, January 14, 2012

Starting American Clay Enjarre on my Own Home!

I am so excited because I finally get to apply American Clay in my own home.  After renting for 4 years, this interior designer is ready for some fun!

I chose to do the entire main level in the Enjarre clay because it only requires one coat (instead of two) and I was doing it myself and on a TIME CRUNCH!

I am so happy with the end result, but if time and money didn't mean anything, I would still opt for Loma or Porcelina, at least in a few rooms :-)

I choose Caltrite and Agate which used to come in pre-tinted Enjarre bags.  (From what I heard, they no longer sell the Enjarre pre- tinted, you just buy the pigment or tint separately.) 

clay 023

Since I was doing just one coat, I knew I had to get creative with the clay.  I ended up mixing (on my hawk) both the colors and then came back when the clay was still wet, and skipped some of the Quartzine Enjarre on top.  I wanted LOTS of texture.  The more the merrier for me, although, a lot of my clients prefer the super smooth texture that gives off this rich buttery feel like this bathroom in clay that I did. 

clay 024

And here is some AFTER shots!

after clay 002

after clay 009

after clay 006

If you would like to see more pictures of my own home, stop by my other blog,

CreativeJuicesDecor and enter the word HOUSE in the search box.
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