Monday, September 5, 2011

Acacia American Clay - Voted Best color

American Clay recently did a pole on what was the American Clay fan's favorite clay color pigment and Acacia was the winner! 

Funny thing is, that was the same color one of my favorite clients picked for her beautiful home on the lake.  One thing I liked about that color is that it was warm and yet subtle.  Acacia perfectly accented every piece in her home from art to the various wood tones. 

Here is a home done in the Acacia American Clay color:

  Courtesy of Spirit Interior Design

Isn't that gorgeous!  Not only are the walls spectacular but the room has so many interesting accents.  The RICH wood floor paired along with the grey cabinetry is perfect.  I also love how the wood beams pick up on the color of the flooring and how the fire place picks up on both the rich wood tones and the grey stone colors.  The floor to ceiling window is such a focal point along with the old wagan wheel turned light fixture. 

Here is a picture of the home I did in Acacia. 

It truly is an amazing color.  Although, there isn't any color in the American Clay family that I don't like!

~ Old World Walls ~

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  1. Dude, where did you find this background? It's perfect for this blog.

    I love those photos and it's so fun to see that house you did. You weren't kidding... that place looks crazy! How did you even get up that high?

    My living room is Acacia too! Guess I have great taste.... or a talented American Clay artist... that is probably more accurate.


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