Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Artistic American Clay Application

With this project my client wanted to add an accent wall in clay behind her bed.  She asked for something fun with lots of character to add elegance but also liven up the place.  This was not a typical application of the clay but we had a lot of fun doing it. Since my last clay post was about the American Clay product Porcelina, today I'm showcasing a room done in Loma.

"Loma™ The Original Earth Plaster.  Loma™, meaning "earth" in Spanish, conveys the essence of suede through its sensuous matte surfaces resembling the textural delights of a Tuscan farmhouse.  Made with reclaimed marble, sand, and multiple clays, our patented formula offers a remarkable breadth of surface possibilities."  (American Clay website)

Plain Old Boring Bedroom Wall........ (-:

Unique and Vibrant Bedroom Wall......

We achieved this look by putting on a base coat of Acacia in the American Clay product Loma.  Next we put on very random trowel markings in Amber Grain.

As you can tell by looking at my American Clay posts I enjoy pushing the artistic envelope with the product.  I believe we pulled off what the client wanted and made this bedroom something special.

If you would like to see a more step by step tutorial of how to apply American Clay click this post.

Thanks for looking and please contact me for price quotes on making your OWN room unique!
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