Tuesday, November 30, 2010

American Clay Professional Catagory Contest Winner!

My love of American Clay came as I was flipping through a design magazine and ran across this picture of American Clay. 

I was sold instantly.  I wanted my whole life to look like that picture!  OK well at least some rooms in my home.  I showed a friend and she said, “Well let's go to Albuquerque and learn how to do it!”  Easy enough – right?  So off we went and I’ve never looked back.  If your walls were bread, American Clay is the butter, maybe even the butter and the jam.  What I’m saying is American Clay is a MUST! 

I just entered my first Professional American Clay makeover contest and am happy to announce my room won the grand prize. Follow this link to read the full article.

Here is a summary:

I entered three of the homes I did this past year.

Below are the BEFORE and AFTER pictures.

Ledeboer's had me do their  kitchen and dining room


Loma 2 coat skip troweled in Savannah Moss, aged edges.

McKee's had me do a wall in their Living Room:

Loma 2 coats skip troweled in Acacia.  Aged with multiple earth pigments.

Jan had me do her guest room with an antler fresco:


Porcelina in Nantucket/Acacia mix.  Fresco with the earth pigments.

Actually Jan had me do her entire 5000 sq foot home in American Clay.  It was stunning!!

The winner was chosen by a group of well known professionals in the community. 

The McKee's living room wall was the winner and the antler's received an honorable mention as 3rd place.   I was awarded $1,000 towards American Clay product.  Since we are building a house soon I will enter one of my rooms for next year's contest.  You can be sure that as many walls as I can afford will have American Clay on them.  I can't wait! 

You can always learn more about the clay on this website.  My creative mind doesn’t usually get all technical – it will just tell you how pretty something looks.  (Although the informational/technical side of this stuff is quite amazing too –natural, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no VOC’s and made in the USA....the list goes on and on.)

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