Friday, February 3, 2017

Showcase Gallery of American Clay Before and After

Since I just finished one a large American Clay job, I thought it would be fun to do a post on some of my past clay projects.  A little Before and After Showcase. :-)


Tuscan Gold clay over concrete walls (this was an all green thermal mass home).

After (such a pretty glowing color)

One of my favorite clay projects was this guest room.  She wanted me to "age" the fireplace hood and then paint a true fresco of an antler.  It was HUGE (or else I just have a tiny head) :-) but it turned out great and was a lot of fun.  

Before (aging process)

After (complete with fresco using earth pigments)

This project was a client in California.  This is the exact same wall in both pictures.  I also helped with re-arranging and decorating the entire room.  Acacia American Clay


 And the AFTER!  

This series below is a photographers living room wall.  

This couple wanted to get rid of all their hanging photography canvases and just have a beautiful clay wall in their living room in which they could still shoot their photos.  



This home was GORGEOUS......every time I came to the job site I felt like I was in another world!  You can see her entire Tuscan American Clay home on this other post. She literally had me (and my team) do the ENTIRE home in clay.....yes, including the garage.  

This is in the same was at least 30' high up by that window......we had 2 scaffolding's and a tall ladder on top of that and guess who the lucky chosen applicator :-)

My little girl's room......she chose PINK American Clay....of course ;-)



And lastly, my own home......Nearly 200 hours worth of American Clay in this house :-)  I was exhausted!

My Guest Bathroom:

Till next post my friends!  As always, I hope to inspire some of you to give American Clay a try in your own'd love it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

American Clay Over Concrete on a Thermal Mass Home

Featured Project of February (article taken from American Clay's Blog)

A Stunning Transformation Using Lomalina American Clay!

A thermal mass concrete home was given a beautiful transformation with the use of Lomalina.

Selina Hoit from Creative Juices Decor gives us insight into this healthy home.
Tell us a little about the project and clients?
This was a beautiful home of a retired couple nestled away on 20 acres up in the country.  They built their home out of concrete and only used building materials that were natural, non-toxic and green.  Their goal was to create a thermal mass home made without any questionable materials.  The decision to use American Clay fit right into that plan.  

Who were the applicators and dealers?
The application was done by my company, Old World Walls.  You can see more photos of the American Clay projects I have done by visiting Most of my product was purchased through the American Clay company and GTS Drywall in Rathrum, Idaho.
Why was American Clay chosen?
My clients did an insane amount of research before they chose American Clay for their home. Absolutely NOTHING was going to be put in their home that didn’t live up to their highest standard of clean living.   Once they met with me and discussed it more, they were confident in the choice they had made.  

What were the steps to applying American Clay over concrete and what tips would you give?
We had a few trials, the biggest one being we had to keep the integrity of an all natural green product and take in consideration the breathability of the concrete.  The bonder base coat that was first recommended to apply the clay over the concrete was a USG bonder.  This was not an option for my client as they wanted to keep the breathability of the concrete at it’s full potential and they also didn’t want to add anything that wasn’t green or questionable. The best advice I have for others that want to keep the product as natural as possible would be to double up their binder.  We used Plaster Plus in our clay along with Sanded Primer as a base coat over the concrete.  Of course, this was after each wall was washed with a water/vinegar mix to be sure it was free of any dust or oil that would be left from the concrete forms.  If you are able to power wash your concrete walls before a lot of construction starts that is a very safe way to go about providing a better “grip” or “tooth” to the concrete. Don’t forget to fill in any divits or holes that come from the nature of poured form concrete.  If the power wash had been done first, we might have gotten away with just the plaster plus in the clay.  You can always do a large test area on any given wall (you must do the TWO coats of clay!) to see how your choice of bonder is holding up against the concrete or any substrate.  When doing a large job, my motto is better safe than sorry, so if you could do all three of my recommendations – go for it!  

How do the clients feel about the overall project?
They were thrilled with the American Clay.  They knew that what they put into their home was safe and it gave life to the home they were retiring in.  It’s been a year since I did this home and I haven’t received any phone calls regarding touch ups.  Happily there has been no issues with the clay over the concrete. 

See More of Selina's American Clay Projects at Creative Juices Decor

Feel free to contact Selina for your next American Clay project.

To check out American Clay's Blog clink LINK. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

American Clay Bathroom Benefits

This bathroom was so inspiring!  Adding American Clay to the walls was just icing on the cake.  My client chose the American Clay product, Porcelina.

"Porcelina is often compared to the Venetian plasters of Italy.  It is truly closest to quality of "porcelain" ceramics for which it was named.  Satin smooth, easily blended for marble-like surfaces, Porcelina casts a spell of beauty…with an edge of contemporary, crisp lustre.which is the smoothest of all the clay products and closest to the look of Venetian plaster".  (from A.C. website)

For those that are thinking about doing American Clay in their bathroom GOOD CHOICE! The clay has so many amazing benefits like the fact that it naturally absorbs water vapor and it is mold resistant.

Click on the link below on how water/steam is absorbed into the clay instead of running down your walls!  You'll be blown away.  The American Clay Humidity Demonstration.

The color was one of my favorites: Amber Grain. 

Pardon the dust!  We did this home right in the middle of all the construction process, in fact we did this entire home in American Clay - top to bottom including the garage! The home overlooked Lake Coeurd'alene in Idaho.  I just LOVE this natural stone vessel sink paired up with a deep mahogany wood along with the depth of the textured, all natural clay walls. 

The value of putting American Clay in your home is non disputable.  I hope this post is what you needed to be inspired!
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